Membership is open to individuals, businesses, and other organizations.

Membership Categories:  (paid yearly)

Individual and Family Memberships:

Bamboo -"Mosa" -Full-time Student    $25.00   

Cedar -"Sugi" -Senior (65 and over)     $30.00   

Maple - "Momijii - Individual               $40.00    

Pine - "Matsu" - Couple/Family

          (includes all children under 18

          living at home)                        $70.00

Business Level Memberships:

includes opportunities to meet distinguished scholars, artists, etc., involved in US-Japan cross-cultural relations, advance notice for programs, seminars, exhibits, lectures, tours and classes plus one or more tickets to "Aki Matsuri-Fall Festival"

Peony - "Botan" -Business                 $ 250.00

Wisteria - "Fuji" -Supporting                $ 500.00

Chrysanthemum - "Kiku" -Patron         $1000.00

Contact a board member or call 505.291.1177 for information regarding membership.