Most Beautiful Girls Of Japan

Most beautiful girls from the land of the rising sun are always charming. The Japanese actresses, models and singers are by nature charming and graceful. Fine features, a distinguished figure, a charming smile - Asian beauty captivated and conquered the whole world! By checking out this list you will get the idea that you can meet hot japanese cam girls, these are just a sample of all the female beauty this country has. We have plenty of cams with similar girls so we think it will interesting to see most beautiful ones.

Kuroki Meisa

The actress, the singer and model, a real name - Shimabukuro Satsuki. Was born on May 28, 1988 on the island of Okinawa, and since she was sixteen years young acted in advertising. At Meis's cinema debut in 2004 in the drama "Evening School". The most famous movies and series with its participation: "The last missed call", "Crows: beginning", "the One-pound Gospel". In 2009 Kuroki Meisa released the debut album. Also, the girl is a person of a cosmetic brand of L'Oreal. Now she actively acts in in film, series, in advertising and releases clips. She is married to the popular singer Akanishi Gene, couple raises the little daughter Theia. Kuroki Meisa

Ishihara Satomi

The actress and model, a real name - Ishigami Kuniko. Was born on December 24, 1986 in Tokyo. In the childhood dreamed to become the teacher, but in sixteen years decided to participate in a competition of talents and won, having bypassed more than 30000 competitors. In a year Satomi successfully debuted in the drama "My Favorite" then on the girl offers fell down. She acts in in film, advertising, as the model much and also works for radio. The most known works in cinema and series: "Bride's father", "The left eye of the detective", "The rich man, poor woman", "Attack of titans", "Godzilla: Revival". The girl is fond of dances, the ballet and painting. She is not married yet. Ishihara Satomi

Kitagawa Keiko

Actress and model. This its real name - unlike many persons of the Japanese show business, the girl did not begin to take a pseudonym. Was born on August 22, 1986 in Kobe. Because of frequent earthquakes Keiko dreamed to become a doctor, but in high school its beauty was noticed and suggested to try model business. Soon the girl began to be published in fashionable magazines, and in 2003 "Sailor Moon's Beauty soldier" debuted a TV series. After this role Keiko decided to focus on career of the actress, her most known works: "To hammer last second", "The hot island", "I want to embrace you", "A paradise kiss". Is fond of music, swimming and badminton. Single. Kitagawa Keiko

Ueto Aya

Actress, model, singer and musician. It also its real name. Was born on September 14, 1985 in Tokyo. The first success to Aja came in twelve years - the talented girl won a special prize at a musical competition. In two years, in 1999, absolutely still the young girl based own pop group and was engaged in singing activity. In a year her debut as actresses in the movie "Wipe the Tears" took place. Further roles in such projects as "The teacher of high school", Azumi followed, "I ask attention", "The falling star", "Day beauties". The girl acts in advertising much, is fond of cookery and tennis. Aja does not hurry to make family yet. Ueto Aya

Fukada Kyoko

Actress and model. For a pseudonym the girl altered the name which in the original is said by Cuoco. Was born on November 2, 1982 in Tokyo. In fourteen years Kyoko won a competition of talents then her model and acting career began. In 1998 debuted in the drama "My God, Give Me a Little More Time", but the true success to the actress came after the movie "Call 2". Further roles in such series as "Strawberry on cake", "Friends" followed, "I hate Christmas", "At school do not teach it", "The second love". The girl plays the piano and a clarinet, is fond of swimming and a calligraphy, and very much appreciates the freedom therefore in marriage does not hurry. Fukada Kyoko

Ayase Haruka

The actress, the singer and model, a real name - to Aya Tademaru. Was born on March 24, 1985 in Hiroshima. In Harukas childhood seriously played sports, winning basketball competitions. But, after leaving school, the girl decided to connect the life with show business and even won a victory in a competition of talents. Her actor's debut took place in 2001 the first year in the movie "Young Detective Kindaychi" then Haruka appeared in such series as "Blinking of glowworms", "Love of my life", "Mr. Mozg", "Today I take day off". In parallel with actor's activity the girl acts as model and acts as the solo singer. Haruka is not married yet. Ayase Haruka

Erika Toda

Actress and model. The girl did not begin to take a pseudonym, having considered that her name and so rather sonorous. Was born on August 17, 1988 in Kobe. Erica's beauty was noticed since early years, already at school she began to flash in commercials. The world of show business carried away the young girl, and she chose acting career. Her debut at once left successful, in very popular drama "Nobuta's Advance". Then not less successful roles in such movies and series as "A game of liars", the Blue Code", "Death Note", Bonds of the falling stars", followed "Naked summer". Erica perfectly prepares, is fond of martial arts, plays a piano. Meets the guy whose name does not disclose. Erika Toda

Inoue Mao

Actress and model. A real name - Inoue Mao, but the girl decided that it not really convenient for pronunciation and a little he simplified. Was born on January 9, 1987 in Yokohama. In the childhood dreamed to become the veterinarian though began to act in at film since she was five years old - the talented little girl played several years in series "Children of War". But the true success came to Mao in the drama "Florets after Berries" which became very popular. Such projects as "The first kiss", "Doctor Doolittle", "The sugar princess" were her following works, "I will give you the love". Mao is fond of the photo, plays golf and badminton. Several years meets the actor Matsumoto Jun. Inoue Mao

Yukie Nakama

Actress, singer and model. A real name - Yukie Nakama, but the girl for a pseudonym prefers to use the reduced version. Was born on October 30, 1979 in Okinawa. At early age Yuki was admitted to school of acting skills, her debut took place in fifteen years in series "Blue Summer". Then small roles followed, but in 2000 there was a break - the horror film "the Call 0 came out: The birth" where the actress played Sadako. Further steel drops off series: "I am married in hell", "Trick", Gokusen, "Tokyo Bay". Also, Yuki is demanded as the singer, she adores riding and scuba diving. She is married to the actor Tetsushi Tanaka. Yukie Nakama

Maki Horikita

The actress and model, a real name - Chara Marina. Was born on October 6, 1988 in Tokyo. At school Poppies was the leader: held posts of the chairman of school council and the captain of basketball club but chose career of the actress. Debuted in the movie "Stories of Horrors from Tokyo", but the true success to the girl was brought by a role in the drama "Nobuta's Advance". Sometimes Poppies appears in advertising, but the profession considers cinema. She can be seen in such movies and series as "One missed call", "Men of my family", "Kurosagi". The anime adores reading and watching poppies. She is married to the actor Yamamoto Koji, on December 17, 2016 at couple the firstborn was born. Right now she is retired from entertainment industry, but she is definitely one of the most beautiful Japanese girls. Maki Horikita These charming Japanese girls were fallen in love by much, thanks to the beauty and a sincere acting in movies and series. You can compare them to cam girls from Japan and do your own conclusions. The land of the rising sun presented to the world many really attractive women whose beauty does not cease to admire us and on our site you have a chance to meet and chat with them as we have them here LIVE!