Making Love in Asian Way

At a mention of poses, touches and pushes usually first of all “Kama Sutra” is remembered? And in vain!

The Chinese Daoism well-known in Europe for the search of such from time immemorial attractive things as achievement of immortality, found out that the last can be reached, practicing harmonious sex life. Painted thoroughly as it is necessary to love the woman as much as possible to use her feminine Yin and not to spend at the same time the machismo Yang. Yes. It is about technology of preservation of sperm. The man has to protect the jing. As soon as he feels that he loses control over the jing (a seed, ejaculation), he has to take immediately yuykhen. If the man is able to keep the jing, then he in perfect security. So, the seed of the man is one of the major vital entities and should not be wasted uncontrollable: “If the man wastes the seed, he will test weakness and if he carefree exhausts the seed, he will die”. And so, if the man can carry out hundred times sexual intercourse not ejaculation, he will live long life. But as it is necessary to be discharged at all, the ejaculation criteria are offered: “The man of twenty years can lower every eight days. The man of forty years can lower each ten days. The man of fifty years can lower each twenty days. The man of sixty years should not lower more. If he is exclusively strong and healthy, he is able to afford one ejaculation a month”. However it is bad to keep around the sperm constantly too (considering that masturbation by Chinese was never approved) – such man “will suffer from painful pairing with ghosts”. In the spring the man is able to afford to ejaculates every three days. In the summer and in the fall – twice a month. In the cold winter we have to take care and not ejaculates at all. Following this criterion, the man will find longevity. To copulate once without ejaculation – pneuma force (CHI – energy of breath) will become stronger.

  • Two times to copulate without ejaculation – hearing and sight will become sharp and sensitive. Three times to copulate without ejaculation – all diseases will disappear.
  • Four times to copulate without ejaculation – all five spirits will be in rest.
  • Five times to copulate without ejaculation – blood veins for a long time will become well filled.
  • Six times to copulate without ejaculation – the waist and a back will be strong and strong.
  • Seven times to copulate without ejaculation – the sacrum and hips will be poured by force.
  • Eight times to copulate without ejaculation – the body will begin to let out shine. Nine times to copulate without ejaculation – predefinitions to longevity will not be lost.
  • Ten times to copulate without ejaculation – penetration into divine reason will be reached.

Whats left to the woman?

Oh, left to her (provided that she will not cling to the idea of an ejaculation as for the stamp confirming success of the perfect act) much! It is much more, than earlier. She will be able to rejoice repeatedly increasing duration and sensuality of the love act (

kama sutra scene

because Chinese emphasize indivisibility of sex and love without which sex becomes vulgar masturbation by means of the woman whom similar approach has to offend absolutely reasonably). She excitedly will seize in return technicians of “soft input” and “clip” to help the studying man to delay time of an ejaculation and, at last, at all to do without her. The famous doctor of the second century Galen told: “After the intercourse all animals, except women and roosters are sad”. From the point of view of the Taoist doctor this phrase would be near from the truth if the word “intercourse” was replaced with the word “ejaculation”. What to stuff an organism with artificial steroids, it is better not to spend natural. Our bodies are quite capable to produce a large amount of the natural chemicals necessary for an organism for health and longevity. As it becomes clear, not only long lovemaking help men to make bigger amount of testosterone. Only one “visual stimulation” without ejaculation or a coition is capable to increase considerably the content of testosterone in blood. Any form of erotic stimulation between the man and the woman, like kisses and strokes, is useful to their mutual yin-yansky health, and the ejaculation is necessary at all not always. Daosi believe that for those who plunged into Dao love it is not heavy penal servitude, and opposite, the prolonged pleasure which can be given easily for half an hour or for 100

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0 seconds, and in rather slow rhythm. The man will derive special pleasure from knowledge that he can increase pleasure of the partner to such an extent. One this consciousness will give him more self-confidence, than several rough and hasty traditional acts. In Dao love the female satisfaction is considered one of the basic principles. And, according to this concept, the more women are made happy by the pious adherent of Taoism, the better (not to confuse with debauchery which, as any extreme, the Taoism rejects). Some authors recommend to make love within one night to the greatest possible number of women. Well, if honestly to carry out instructions of daos in the love equipment, then the man who learned Dao of love is quite capable to satisfy many women for one night. Why to him, in that case, not to make love along with the whole harem?