Asian Beauty Standards

After one and a half years of life in China, I understood clearly as standards of beauty in Asia differ from the Western world. Some of them surprised me, and with others I already was or is familiar or heard about them to life in Celestial Empire. Disclaimer: I do not apply for the ultimate truth at all, just I want to share the observations. I mean China, Korea, Japan by the Asian countries (though some points suit also others to the countries of Southeast Asia). I will be glad to hear your comments 🙂 So, in my modest opinion, Asian standards of beauty include the following:

1. Light, practical porcelain skin

Light, faultless porcelain skin since ancient times was considered as beautiful in Asia and served as the sign that its owner belongs to the highest estates. Only poor people spent much time on air and therefore had more dark skin. This trend in force and now, and residents of the Asian countries (both men, and women) spend a huge number of money for the bleaching means and everywhere carry umbrellas to be covered from the sun. Asian women will die rather, than will go outside during a heat without umbrella. Also often I observed girls on ibayka (something between the motorcycle and the moped which can be recharged from electricity), in the protective masks covering all face, cardigans, and huge mittens during a forty-degree heat not to sunbathe and keep as much as possible white skin. Well as they say, beauty demands the victims 🙂

Example: Chinese actress of Fang Bin Bin
Example: Chinese actress of Fang Bin Bin

2. Small face

The oval face in the form of a letter V, that is the face which is narrowed to a chin is considered beautiful the small size. The double chin and a round shape of a face are not considered as beautiful. The huge popularity of person of this kind led to increase in number of maxillofacial plastic surgeries. At such operation bones of a skull and a jaw are cut to give to the face a desirable form. Asians believe that narrower person helps them to look younger and lovelier. There is such term – kawaii (Japanese) or its Korean analog of aegyo – which initially appeared in Japan and it was used for the description something lovely and charming. This cult extended also to other countries, and now more nice, baby faces gain the increasing popularity and are considered as more beautiful and outside Japan and Korea. The Asian countries are quite densely populated that creates high extent of the competition within the country. Therefore it is considered that the external appeal increases chances to get better job, it is more successful to marry, receive more money. As a result, many Asians lay down under a knife, since 16 years.

Michelle Phan
Example: American YouTube blogger of the Vietnamese origin of Michelle Phan

3. Big eyes

As beautiful reckon an almond-shaped shape of an eye with a double century (double eyelids) for achievement of effect of a doll. Asian women in the majority have an unary eyelid (monolids). Many of them do operations on centuries as it is considered that such operations do a look dug more out, give a fresh look and respectively do them the owner more attractive.

Example: Korean actress of Kim So-eun

4. Direct, dense eyebrows

Curved eyebrows habitual to us according to Asians age the person, therefore their eyebrows have to be not too thick, not too thin, direct, without pronounced bend.

Example: Korean actress of Han Ga-in

5. A swelling under eyes (Aegyo Sal)

The swelling under eyes as a trend arose in Korea. At first sight it is similar on hated all bags under eyes which hardly though someone considers beautiful. On the contrary, Aegyo Sal is that other as an easy swelling under a lower eyelid which has to coincide with skin color completely. Koreans believe that the small swelling helps them to look younger and emphasizes their eyes.

Example: Korean actress of Ku Hye-sun

6. Nose

Asian persons often are considered as inexpressive partly because of a flat nose without pronounced nose bridge. The small and a little pointed nose – a dream of many girls from the Asian countries. Plastic surgeries are directed to making a nose more pointed and less flat, in some way to more “European”.

Example: Korean actress of Lee Young-ae

7. Long, brilliant, straight hair

You will seldom see Asians with a short hairstyle. Long hair were and remain in fashion to this day. Also girls experiment hour with hair color, but give preference to natural shades of chestnut or black colors. Now also gains popularity hair-dyeing in bright colors as pink, blue or green.

long hair

8. Slender body

Asians are mad about symmetry (the more poorly, the better) and attach great value to the fact that they eat. For example, when I studied in China, my Chinese girlfriends repeatedly seeing me with a bottle of cold water, disapprovingly swung the head and constantly tried to select her, saying that cold water promotes fat accumulation. They drank only hot water in small thermoses, herbal teas and infusions.

Slender body

Even led general insanity on weight loss and symmetry to the known Internet phenomenon of “Belly button challenge” which initially arose in China, and then gained great popularity worldwide. Its sense is that it is necessary to touch the navel and a waist, having got a hand for a back. It to make inability showed that the person has a bad figure and there is an excess weight. At the same time, Asian girls in the majority would not refuse a big breast and an appetizing bottom.

9. Tall Girls

The higher, the better – the motto of many Asian girls. However, this standard is not so important, in comparison with others. Silicone linings in footwear, the hidden platforms, short skirts are used visually to extend a figure. However, to growth of men it is given far bigger values as growth of the guy/husband plays a large role in Asian society and it is considered sign of good health and genes and also a high social status.

Tall Asian girl

P.S. Recently also “the effect of moist skin” gains steam. This trend which initially appeared in Korea attaches great value to the fresh, faultless, moisturized skin.

Some More Hot Girls From Asian Countries

The most beautiful Pakistani – the actress and the model Iman Ali (DOB 19.12.1980). Iman Ali – 175 cm tall.

Iman Ali

The most beautiful Vietnamese – the singer and the actress of Truong Tri Truc Diem (DOB 1987). Height is 174 cm, figure 83-60-90.

Truong Tri Truc Diem

The most beautiful Mongol – Oyuunbaataryn Ariunzul, the Second Vice-Ms. Supermodel of Asia 2011

Oyuunbaataryn Ariunzul