Nanpa – Art of Flirting In Japan

The secret is that Japanese culture is strained with sense of humor. In Japanese there is no separate word with value “be generous” if after all to try to translate “there will be generous” that it means “to squander, waste”, that is will get a negative shade. Here and there is no concept “flirtation” of Japanese, historically it developed so that customs in the country were strict, and severe education did not include a flirtation basis. Therefore, Japanese are confused, redden and stammer, trying to approach an adoration object. If the flirtation phenomenon can also be found, then its forms strange, for example, modesty and shyness. It is one of types of flirtation, here the Japanese and the Japanese show that the girl (guy) it is pleasant to him or her. For example, she communicates with all more, than with it, she does not sit near it, she with it in general almost does not speak.

nanpa in action

there is it to her it is pleasant. Other form of flirtation – eye contact with the complete antithesis of the western tradition. A look in an emphasis and/or a direct look – it is rough if the Japanese flirts, then it is necessary to look down and aside. Indirect compliments – one more form of flirtation, very rare, in Japan even give direct compliments seldom and the more so appearance compliments are rare. Though with great reserve, but a form of flirtation it is possible to call such phenomenon as of nanpa and also known as nampa. The unfamiliar guy in the public place approaches the girl and says to her that she cool or something like that. The purpose – an appointment which often comes to an end with sex. Most of girls reject, but there are plenty of those who agree. As you know attraction is not a choice.

flirt in Japanese way

Nanpa or the pickup is an art of renting of girls, the Japanese not Olympic sport. Young people hang out near crowded places, especially where there are many girls, in Tokyo, for example, areas Shibuya and Roppongi are especially popular, and try to draw their attention and to arrange a nice lovely date that can lead to sex later on.

And only the full age girl can be an object of a nampa. The sense is that from a great number of girls whom the guy tries to pick-up sooner or later at least one yes will agree. At a successful outcome the guy and the girl go to cafe, restaurant or a karaoke bar, and further – as there will be circumstances. Perhaps, business will also end with this appointment or maybe a couple will spend night to love hotel where rooms surrender for an hour and the porter does not see the faces of clients. And maybe, the first appointment will lead to great and pure love. Many young people resort to a nanp just in search of the normal, steady relations. To invite the good acquaintance to an appointment and to be refused – very painfully. From the stranger it is simpler to accept refusal and when it turns into a game, one-other refusal in addition to one hundred already received in general does not play a role. Over time experience and skills is gained. The real master of a namp has to be the good psychologist to choose that on which his flirtation will work in crowd, to define the best strategy, to attract, interest – and all this for several seconds.

Hunting for girls of a nanpa or pick-up is a hobby and ability to cling girls in public places, not only in bars, but also on beaches, in shopping centers, at metro stations and other. Of course, such entertainment exists everywhere, remove girls and at us in Russia and in Europe. But only Japanese created the whole subculture and branch including grants, a slang, specialized editions, blogs, the websites and so on. Often at removal of girls use the hidden camera. The first magazines and video of a nanpa to a tusats (hunting for girls the hidden camera) appeared with 1985-1987. Often guys remove nanpa-girls secretly to film with the camera both process of renting, and the subsequent sex. Age of guys – from the senior teenage up to 25/26 years, boys generally heterosexuals though there is also a homosexual culture of a nanpa. You can always practice on how to chat with Japanese girls on our live cams as we offer streams of Japanese webcam models who are willing to flirt.

Japanese girls in public

Some girls specially go to public places on purpose that they would be picked-up by guys. Guys instantly find such girls, they have courageous dresses, a heavy make-up, as a rule, long hair of yellow or brown color, they are dressed in paten t-shirts or jackets, ripped jeans, they have bright belts and so on. But there are girls ready for renting which on clothes are allocated with nothing, they go outside to walk and observe, waiting for the guy who was pleasant to them, the engaged nanpa. Such girls not prostitute, of course, of money nobody takes for sex, in most cases this just disposable instant pleasure. According to the Japanese company under the name “MEN’SKNUCKLE”, the magazine made poll, it became clear that to girls unfamiliar guys offered 81% a disposable appointment with the sex purpose. Among guys there are 58% though once, but removed girls for sex. In the beginning nanpa-culture was considered as thoughtless behavior, but now Japanese treat this phenomenon more tolerantly. There is a set of cafe, clubs and other places where the youth with the purpose to find an object for sex hangs out. The police do not interpose in such matter, there is no violence, girls full age and all is made from mutual consent. Eventually the nanpa became one of types of flirtation and seduction where the Japanese men take the initiative!