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What makes Asian cam girls so attractive?

In this article I will discuss why many men are attracted to Asian women and give you some tips on how to flirt with these beautiful ladies from the east. First off let me explain that when people think about Asians they usually picture Japanese or Korean girls and not Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese or Filipino girls who happen to be the most popular types of girls for westerners looking at adult webcams. So if you want to know why your girlfriend is always flirting with other guys then it’s time to look into finding an alternative partner online like one of our sexy Asian webcam girls!

First off lets start by discussing why we find Asian girls appealing. The reason why many men fall head over heels for Asian girls has little to do with their looks and everything to do with their culture. For example when you go to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, China or Taiwan you notice something very different compared to going to say America where almost every girl is white blonde haired blue eyed. What separates Asia from the west is its diversity in terms of people skin colors being able to speak multiple languages while growing up speaking only English. This creates more opportunities for romance and fun because there isn’t much pressure to date someone from the same ethnicity. Another interesting fact about dating Asian girls is that they tend to have higher standards than Western girls which means it takes longer until she sleeps with you (or any guy) making her less promiscuous then regular American/European females. Finally another thing to consider is that unlike European/American girls Asian girls don’t seem to care about impressing anyone except themselves. They enjoy life doing whatever they feel like without worrying too much about getting approval. These differences between Asian and Western cultures can also lead to unique sexual fetishes such as foot worship, role-playing using live adult cam sites. Because of all these reasons Asian girls often end up becoming famous among the general public due to their exotic beauty causing lots of envy towards other women around the world.

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Now that we’ve discussed why Asian girls are considered hot chicks by millions of men worldwide here comes my list of top 10 things that attract us to these beauties:

  • 10 – Her eyes – Most Asian countries have large eye balls that allow them see better in low light situations compared to Europeans. If you ever visit a country in eastern Asia like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia etc. You’ll quickly understand why many men prefer Asian girls. Their dark brown colored iris combined with the almond shaped pupil gives the appearance of bigger eyes allowing them see further away. Not to mention that their eyes aren’t watery either which allows them stay awake later at night for long conversations.
  • 9 – She doesn’t need makeup to look pretty – While western women spend hours applying make-up trying to achieve perfect artificial beauty no Asian woman seems to bother with such efforts. Unlike western women Asian girls use natural products made out of vegetables and fruits that smell good instead of chemicals. Also since Asian women live close to nature they eat healthy food that helps build strong bones and muscles giving them toned physiques. Lastly most of them grow up practicing martial arts and sports activities that help develop great bodies that accentuate their feminine curves thus leading to sex appeal.
  • 8 – Women in general are naturally submissive – Many studies show that women throughout history were genetically wired to become loyal servants to males therefore creating a built-in desire for submission. This explains why we’re drawn to Asian girls who are known for having high sex drives and nagging tendencies.
  • 7 – High standard of education – Due to strict government regulations on schools children in East Asian countries must study hard to pass exams to graduate. Since parents expect their daughters to succeed in school girls learn to read and write early on helping them excel academically. As well boys in these areas rarely practice traditional masculinity values leaving room for both sexes to pursue careers.
  • 6 – Less competition for wives – When you compare the population size of each nation in Eastern vs. Western Europe you’ll discover that there’s far fewer eligible bachelors for marriage in Asia resulting in a huge amount of available single women. By contrast in the US and UK nearly half of all young adults are currently unmarried.
  • 5 – Respect for elders – Most Asian cultures are based on Confucianism teaching respect for older generations. Therefore old age is respected along with honor and dignity in society. Older people are seen as wise guides and teachers while younger ones are expected to follow.
  • 4 – High quality family oriented marriages – Marriage is viewed as a sacred union between two families rather than just a way to produce offspring. Hence marrying an Asian wife would mean living in harmony with her family members for years to come.
  • 3 – Strong work ethic – Even though Asian girls may appear lazy at first glance their high academic achievements prove otherwise. With limited access to modern conveniences such as TV and internet Asian girls still manage to score decent grades in school. Furthermore the value of education is ingrained deeply within their societies forcing them to focus on academics above anything else.
  • 2 – Low crime rate – Crime rates are much lower in Asian countries compared to the U.S.A., Canada and England for example. A recent survey showed that 70% of British citizens believe that immigration from abroad contributes to rising crime levels however 80% of Asian residents had positive views towards foreigners coming to their cities.
  • 1 – Higher chance of meeting true soulmates – One major difference between Asian and Western cultures is that Asian women typically marry earlier compared to Western women. Such tradition leads to more chances of finding your future spouse before committing to a serious relationship. Once married Asian couples are likely to stick together through thick and thin providing a stable environment for raising children. On the contrary it’s harder for western women to meet potential mates during college and beyond mainly due to social pressures.

In conclusion Asian women possess qualities that attracts men worldwide. It doesn’t matter whether you’re gay straight bi curious or heterosexual Asian cams provide you with plenty of options to choose from. All you need to do now is try chatting with some horny Asian girls on your favorite webcam chat service.